Bloatware Cleaner Remover for HTC ONE

Just like Galaxy S3 bloatware cleaner, a developer has released Bloatware cleaner for the HTC One smartphone as well. After using it, you will have more free RAM, thus making your phone faster. You will have better battery life as less useless apps will be running in the background. Here are the list of items it removes from the stock ROM.

Bloatware Cleaner Remover for HTC ONE

org.adaway*.apk  AdAway – Adds blocker
AdobeReader.apk   Adobe Reader PDF reader
com.adobe.reader*.apk              Adobe Reader PDF reader
"/system/lib/"    Lib for Adobe Reader PDF reader
#AndroidHtcSync.apk                HTC Mobile Sync
Automotive_Home*.apk               "Car" in app drawer, Carmode
#   Widgets
CalculatorWidget.apk               Calculator Widget
GenieWidget.apk   Google News and Weather Widget
HtcAirplaneModeWidget.apk          Airplane mode widget
HtcAutoRotateWidget.apk            HTC standalone Widget for Auto Rotate
HtcBackgroundDataWidget.apk        HTC Auto Sync Widget
HtcBtWidget.apk   Bluetooth widget
#   HTC/Android Spyware Related Crap  
DemoFLOPackageInstaller.apk        Leftovers From HTC
GSD.apk           HTC Function Test (*#*#3424#*#*)
GoogleFeedback.apkMarket Feedback Agent
UDove.apk         Send Feedback to HTC

I tested it on the HTC One’s official stock ROM and it ran like a charm. It is also said to run just fine on the CM10.1, ODEX, AOSP and AOKP ROMs. Download it from here.


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